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Helping you value yourself, your needs and your impact

Hey, I'm Kat

I want to help you understand the value you have to offer the world, build self-belief and grow in confidence so you can achieve your goals and live a life you love. 

I do this through writing articles, creating e-books and my podcast, Seedling. I believe that we all have the capacity to grow. And when we grow, we help society grow too.

“Speaking to Kat was such a positive experience. I was really struggling to see my value positively and Kat left me feeling so much more confident.”
- Jo Hooper

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Growth Spurt: budding & vegetative ebook

This book is for those of you who have started rediscovering your worth and want to build on this work. Perhaps you’ve read my first book (Sprout + Seedling) and you’re ready for the next step. Either way – you know you have something to offer, you just need the confidence and direction to bring it into the world. You want to feel the quiet knowing that comes when you’re not only confident, but also sure of your purpose. 

In this book I’ve collated my learnings on confidence and finding your purpose so you can do exactly this. Part e-book and part workbook, in each chapter you’ll learn and then have space in ‘the work’ section to put that learning into action. Here you’ll find gentle journaling prompts, tasks and exercises to help you through this.

Price: £15