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Helping you value yourself, your needs and your impact

Hey, I'm Kat

I want to help you understand the value you have to offer the world, build self-belief and grow in confidence so you can achieve your goals and live a life you love. 

I do this through writing articles, creating e-books and my podcast, Seedling. I believe that we all have the capacity to grow. And when we grow, we help society grow too.

“Speaking to Kat was such a positive experience. I was really struggling to see my value positively and Kat left me feeling so much more confident.”
- Jo Hooper

Seedling - the Podcast

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5 Steps to build quiet confidence workshop

In this workshop we’ll be busting myths about what it means to be ‘confident’ and I’ll teach you the practical steps to build quiet, inner confidence. You’ll set your first confidence challenge and get the  opportunity to join an accountability group for the month of August (hosted on Instagram) to support you with your challenge.

Where: Zoom | When: 4th August 6-7pm | Cost: £20