Hey, I'm Kat.

I’m a writer, podcaster and coach who helps people discover their worth and create sustainable self-care routines.

When I’m not doing this, you’ll likely catch me…


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Why I do what I do

In my younger years I never felt like I fit in. I distinctly remember feeling as if I was on the outside looking in as everyone around me seemed to be navigating life with ease. This turned into a sense of not feeling ‘good enough’ and my self-esteem plummeted. My mental health suffered as a result and I developed an eating disorder and began self-harming. One day, I woke up and began the usual war with my mind and then stopped myself in my tracks. I was tired of this war. I was tired of hating myself and not doing the things I knew I was capable of.

Something had to change.

I started being more open with my therapist and made some serious mindset shifts. With the support of therapy and a lot of self-development work, I went from passionately hating myself to fiercely loving myself. I’ve since grown in confidence, discovered my passions and found my voice. I value my worth and have seen the incredible consequences.

It hasn’t always been easy and, like everyone, I still come up against struggles from time to time, but the work I’ve done has given me a solid foundation of self-worth to fall back on. Now, I want to take what I’ve learnt over the years and share it. 


My beliefs:

– Compassion for ourselves breeds happiness and fulfilment.

– Our past experiences don’t define us.

– Looking after our own wellbeing positively affects those around us.

– Self-awareness and self-care are tools to increase self-belief.

– We need to grow as a society (and inclusion and equality are key to this).


Whether it’s through writing, podcasting or coaching, I want more of us to value ourselves, as we are, in this very moment. 

Outside of my coaching and content creation work here at Blue Jay, I write about self-care, mental health and wellbeing for Memiah and Happiful magazine. Researching and writing about these subjects for nearly a decade has fuelled my passion and brought me to where I am today.

“Kat listened and I truly felt that she could understand my challenges. Most importantly she has this gift of making you feel comfortable, even as you share some vulnerable things about yourself!”
- Bea Mangar