Hi, I’m Kat Nicholls – writer, blogger and self-worth coach. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008, but in 2017 I made the decision to wipe the slate clean and start afresh here, on Blue Jay of Happiness.

In my younger years I experienced low self-esteem, an eating disorder and self-harm. With the support of therapy and a lot of self-development work, I’ve gone from passionately hating myself to fiercely loving myself.

I’ve grown in confidence, discovered my passions and found my voice.

It hasn’t always been easy and, like everyone, I still come up against struggles from time to time, but the work I’ve done has given me a solid foundation of self-worth to fall back on.

What I do

Monday to Thursday I write about self-care, mental health and wellbeing for Memiah and Happiful magazine.

Outside of this, I work here at Blue Jay of Happiness. This involves writing blogs, sharing monthly musings with newsletter subscribers and coaching those looking to up their self-care game and discover their worth.

My experiences in my both my personal and working life have lead me to where I am today and the mission I’ve set myself…

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Photography | Elle Narbrook

My mission

I want to take what I’ve learnt over the years about self-worth, self-belief and self-care… and share it. Whether it’s through writing or coaching. I want to help people develop self-awareness, take care of themselves and build their self-worth. I want more of us to value ourselves, as we are, in this very moment.

My beliefs

  • That compassion for ourselves breeds happiness and fulfilment.
  • That we all have something special to offer the world, we just need to tap into it.
  • That our past experiences don’t define us.
  • That looking after our own wellbeing positively affects those around us.
  • That self-awareness and self-care are tools to increase self-belief.

Say hello

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