Here you’ll find digital products, upcoming workshops and other offerings to help you find clarity and build confidence so you can pursue your creative dreams.

How to separate your worth from your productivity workshop - replay

It can be so easy to tie our sense of worth to our productivity. Feeling we are only of value if we are ‘producing’ or ‘doing’ something. This can stop us from resting and lead to stress and burnout.

Severing this tie isn’t easy, but in this workshop I show you the steps you can take to do just that. I’ll be explaining more about why we tie our sense of worth with productivity and how we can start untangling the two. We’ll go through journaling prompts to help you reflect and figure out the best steps forward for you as well as the importance of rest and play, and how you can incorporate this into your days.

Price: £30

How to build quiet confidence workshop - replay

Has confidence always felt out of reach for you? That your personality type just can’t be confident? I used to be right there with you. Labelled ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’, the typical representations of what it means to be confident felt alien to me. Over the years I’ve realised there is another way.

Confidence can be a quiet inner knowing. Something stable, calm and centred. This is what I want to teach you.

After this self-paced workshop you’ll come away with: An understanding that you get to choose what confidence means for you, ideas to increase your sense of self-worth and self-trust, practical steps to help you build quiet confidence, your first small confidence challenge and the knowledge of how to keep going with your confidence journey.

Price: £20

Growth Spurt: sprout & seedling e-book

Do you have a dream that you’re struggling to make happen? Maybe your inner critic is being exceptionally loud or you find yourself procrastinating when things feel scary?

In this 26-page workbook I share how limiting beliefs can hold us back from reaching our true potential, how we can transform them and the role self-worth has in helping us feel more confident and worthy of success. Part e-book, part workbook, you’ll get practical prompts and exercises to put what you’re learning into practice. When we recognise the false narratives we tell ourselves, we can change the story. We are in control of our lives and so, so worthy of everything we dream of. Download this e-book and start re-writing the script today.

Price: Pay what you can

Growth Spurt: budding & vegetative ebook

This book is for those of you who have started rediscovering your worth and want to build on this work. Perhaps you’ve read my first book (Sprout + Seedling) and you’re ready for the next step. Either way - you know you have something to offer, you just need the confidence and direction to bring it into the world. You want to feel the quiet knowing that comes when you’re not only confident, but also sure of your purpose.

In this book I’ve collated my learnings on confidence and finding your purpose so you can do exactly this. Part e-book and part workbook, in each chapter you’ll learn and then have space in ‘the work’ section to put that learning into action. Here you’ll find gentle journaling prompts, tasks and exercises to help you through this.

Price: £15

How to overcome overwhelm course

In this audio course, you’ll learn how to overcome overwhelm. We’ll start by exploring what overwhelm is and why it shouldn’t be ignored before moving on to self-awareness work.

You’ll discover practical techniques to help and figure out which decompression tools help you relax. All of this work will culminate in you creating your own overwhelm action plan and I’ll explain the science behind why this is so helpful. You’ll end the course feeling calmer and more in control.

The course is hosted on Listenable, a platform with lots of audio courses to explore - you can start with a free 7 day trial and then if you decide to continue, it’s $7.50 per month.