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5 Steps to build quiet confidence workshop

Has confidence always felt out of reach for you? That your personality type just can’t be confident? I used to be right there with you. Labelled ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’, the typical representations of confidence felt alien to me.

Over the years I’ve realised there is another way. Confidence can be a quiet inner knowing. This is what I want to teach you.

After this workshop you’ll come away with:

  • An understanding that you get to choose what confidence means for you.
  • Ideas to increase your sense of self-worth and self-trust (the foundations of confidence).
  • Practical steps to help you build quiet confidence.
  • Your first small confidence challenge.
  • The opportunity to join an accountability group for the month of August (hosted on Instagram) to support you with your challenge.
  • The knowledge of how to keep going with your confidence journey.
  • Early access to my new e-book which collates my confidence teachings and helps you identify your core values.

When: 4th August 6-7pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: £20

(there is one pay-what-you-can spot, email [email protected] to claim.)

How to overcome overwhelm course

In this audio course, you’ll learn how to overcome overwhelm. We’ll start by exploring what overwhelm is and why it shouldn’t be ignored before moving on to self-awareness work. 

You’ll discover practical techniques to help and figure out which decompression tools help you relax. All of this work will culminate in you creating your own overwhelm action plan and I’ll explain the science behind why this is so helpful. You’ll end the course feeling calmer and more in control.

The course is hosted on Listenable, a platform with lots of audio courses to explore – you can start with a free 7 day trial and then if you decide to continue, it’s $7.50 per month.