I love any opportunity to talk about topics I’m passionate about and share my learnings with others. If you’d like me to speak, whether it’s speaking at an event, hosting a workshop for your membership or being a guest on your podcast, please do get in touch:

kat {at} bluejayofhappiness.com

Below are some examples of what I’ve done recently - my areas of expertise are: helping creatives build confidence, the power of creative mediums in building confidence, self-expression, the importance of self-worth and self-care, and looking after your mental health (I have lived experience of anxiety and anorexia).

Wellbeing by the Lakes

At Wellbeing by the Lakes 2021 I hosted a panel talk on improving self-worth (which you can listen to on Happiful’s podcast) and a ran a journaling workshop on self-reflection as part of the Happiful afternoons taking place.

In the self-worth talk I was joined by Jay Morjaria and Frances Trussel and we discussed some of the key themes around self-worth including mindfulness, identifying your values and self-expression. The journaling workshop was all about getting to know yourself better and the power of self-awareness.

Self-love panel talk for Happiful X The Body Shop

As part of a partnership between Happiful and The Body Shop I hosted a panel discussion about self-love at The Body Shop’s flagship store in London. I was joined by Shareefa J, Cathy Reay and Rebecca Kimberley.

Happiful webinars and interviews

As part of my work with Happiful I’ve hosted various webinars and interviews, including the above interview with Vix from Grow and Glow, all focusing on wellbeing and personal development. See more over on Happiful’s Youtube channel.

Live Well London

At health and wellness festival Live Well London 2020, I was a pannelist in a discussion about the power of community for wellbeing.

Podcast features

I’ve been a guest on several podcasts including Creatively Human, Becoming Women, Side-Hustle to Full-Time and Raise Your Woman. Discussions have included how we can improve our self-worth, the benefits of mood tracking and self-care.