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“I just want to say how much I loved this newsletter! It’s so relevant right now and I’m glad I saved it for Monday. You’ve packed it full of so much good stuff and I can’t wait to discover all of the resources you’ve linked to.”
“I’m so pleased I signed up for your newsletter!!! It’s so well written, and I love the concept too. Have a feeling I’ll be spending today pouring over your blog!!”
“Loved the newsletter as always. Always look forward to having a read x“
“Kat’s newsletters are so considered and thoughtful, beautifully written and super honest! It’s clear she spends a lot of time on them because there’s always so much value in each one.”
“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your newsletter. I love your mix of honesty and informed, thoughtful encouragement.”
“When I look at your blog / newsletter / social media content / budding coaching business, I see a women speaking her truth, being honest, open, vulnerable and very relatable who is trying to make the world a kinder and softer place. All of the content is so perfectly tied together and I adore how you keep it so clean visually.”
- Alice