How to survive Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is supposedly the most ‘depressing’ day of the year. Christmas is over, you’ve already failed at your New Year’s resolutions and your bank balance hates you. At work, we’ve looked at the concept of Blue Monday and said – nah.

Feeling sad (or ‘blue’) is normal. It can happen any time and for no reason. I’ve had times when I’m driving home from work and want to cry for literally no reason except that I’m tired and I have no chocolate at home (the struggle is real guys).

And this has nothing to do with it being a certain day – it’s to do with the fact that I’m human, and sadness is a human emotion.

Thing is… feeling sad all the time is not OK.

This is what we wanted to highlight with our latest campaign – whether you’re feeling sad occasionally, or feeling sad every day, there are always times when we need support.

Here’s a little video we made:

If you do happen to be feeling a little low today, for whatever reason, here are a few things to help you survive Blue Monday:

  • Coffee/tea. Lots of it.
  • Give your favourite person a cuddle.
  • Answer this – what do you have in your life right now that makes you smile?
  • Listen to your favourite song.
  • Have a dance party in your kitchen.
  • Eat chocolate. Seriously, it releases feel-good hormones and is therefore mandatory today.
  • Email a funny GIF to your co-workers and make them smile.
  • Look at this little nugget and remember no matter how hard life seems – there’s always puppies.

My friend’s adorable puppy Nala.

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