Choose what you consume

This is a bit of a follow-up to my ‘inspiring people to follow on social media‘ post. There I talked about curating your social feeds to bring light and positivity to your daily scroll. Today I want to talk about other forms of media.

It can feel, sometimes, like we’re being spoon-fed content. There is so much ‘noise’ surrounding it that it can be hard to ignore. Each newspaper, magazine, TV show, website is screaming for our attention, saying “I’m really important!!”.

I think what’s important, is for us to realise that we have a choice.

Unpicking value from the media can be tough, but ultimately incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing.

I’ve realised recently that I actually kinda hate mainstream media. Click bait articles that promise the world and deliver diddly squat seriously piss me off. I do try to stay informed of current events, but I have my chosen sources (the Guardian is a fave).

I like content that speaks to me. I want to be able to relate to it, to get something out of it – whether that’s information, a smile or a warm glow of inner peace. It can happen.



Trying to teach Sanka about feminism. He gives precisely zero fucks.

Below I’ve got a couple of tips for actively choosing what you consume from the big wide world of the media. I know most of us are pretty adept at choosing what we read/watch etc. but hey, I love a tip list.

Choosing what you consume – some tips

  • TV. I’m a big TV fan, give me a decent series and an evening with no interruptions and I am happy. My tip here is not to be close minded. I can be quite (OK, very) quick to judge a TV show before I watch it, but I’m trying to get better at giving something a go before I dismiss it (currently loving: This is Us, Love, Girls, Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy – oh and TED talks!).
  •  Books. The best tip when it comes to reading is… don’t force it. When you’re reading something that ignites your soul, it’s easy and enjoyable. If you’re forcing yourself to read something because you want to come across a certain way or you think you ‘should’ read it, you’re doing it wrong. Reading more was one of my goals for 2017 and I’ve been loving it. So far I’ve read ‘The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a F*ck‘, I’ve just finished ‘Bloom‘ and I’m dipping in and out of ‘Milk & Honey‘ for my poetry fix.
  • Magazines. There are so many fantastic magazines out there that don’t necessarily live on the shelf of your local newsagents. Cast your net wider. Find something that speaks to you, something that you can truly connect to. My absolute fave is Oh Comely.

Whilst we’re on the subject of magazines, I want to quickly talk about a magazine the company I work for has just launched – happiful. Available both online and in print, the magazine is all about helping people find happiness, something I am obviously very much on board with.

From inspirational real life stories to ‘happiful hacks’ there’s something in there for everyone. I’m a contributing writer and for the launch issue, I wrote an article with some tips to help you find a counsellor that’s right for you. Check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Films. Arghhhh I LOVE films. I think they have such power to change your mood while offering a little escapism. My tip here is to not listen too much to other people’s opinions. Just because someone else hated it, doesn’t mean you won’t love it. Also, go to the cinema by yourself sometimes. It’s a nice little solo date.
  • Vlogs/blogs. There are so many talented bloggers and vloggers, it’s basically impossible to keep up with all of them. I only follow a few vloggers, but they are the ones who speak to me, as a 31 year old woman interested in wellness and lifestyle. They are: Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit, The Michalaks, What Olivia Did and Esteé Lalonde. Other than that, I tend to read blogs that catch my attention on Twitter and Instagram, mostly about mental health and wellness.
  • Podcasts. You can gain SO MUCH from podcasts. Whether it’s fiction, informative or just plain funny – I friggin’ love them. My tip is to read my super helpful post on 8 inspiring podcasts 😉

Books, TV, vlogs – all that jazz can either bring us up or tear us down. Be conscious. Know what you need and what will bring you joy… and drown out all the other shit.

The whole reason I started Blue Jay of Happiness was to try and be a space that brings people up. A space that adds value.

You’ll never find me writing about a new designer bag or see pictures of me looking glamorous while eating brunch. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, I know what I want from content these days… and I want more.

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