What feminism means to me

What feminism means to me

Feminism. Feminist. What do you think of when you hear those words? Everyone has their own interpretation, so I wanted to chat about what it means to me.

Before we get into that though, I want to touch on the fact that feminism has gained a lot of attention recently in the media and has even become ‘trendy’.

And thank god for that.

What kicked this off then? For me at least, my full attention was drawn to feminism when Emma Watson killed it with her ‘HeforShe’ campaign speech at the UN.

While I have always considered myself a feminist, I was a quiet feminist.

Tutting, sighing or grumbling internally, I never really talked about my feelings on sexism and the like. And while I kinda hate that it took a celebrity speaking out to encourage me to find my own voice on the matter – that’s what happened. (I mean to be fair it was Emma Watson, perhaps the least ‘celebrity-y’ celebrity in Hollywood).

Since then I feel the world has caught up with what feminism really is and is no longer taking any bullshit. The fact that Trump got elected and that he and his male minions sat around making decisions for women was the last straw for many of us.

So, in the last couple of years, I’ve gotten louder. I’m going to use this idy-bidy little space of internet to talk about feminism. I’m sharing videos, articles and petitions on social media. I’m having a voice.

What feminism means to me

Feminism means… having equal rights. Not paying someone less because they are a woman. Not treating someone differently because they are a woman.

Feminism means… treating women with respect. There is nothing I hate more than ‘mansplaining’ or being talked down to because I’m female.

Feminism means… supporting other women. Lifting others up raises us all to a different level.

Feminism means… saying ‘fuck you’ to unattainable beauty ideals. I appreciate this is an issue that affects men too, so it’s something that we all need to work on as a society.

Feminism means… presenting yourself in a way that makes you happy. Some people still carry this outdated assumption that all feminists look a certain way and can’t be into fashion – not true dude.


I could go on, but I’ll stop now.

Every feminist, like every person, is different. It means different things to different people but we’re all aiming for the same target. Equality.

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