A morning routine to set you up for a healthier, happier day

A morning routine to set you up for a healthier, happier day

Hands up if you love hearing about other people’s morning routines? *raises hand*

I have a real fascination with other people’s routines and especially how they spend the first hour or so of their day.

I guess it’s because that hour or so sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you spend it rushing around, knocking stuff over and stressing out about that catty work email you read before you got out of bed, your day probably won’t go so well.

If you spend your morning embracing a healthy routine, being calm and intentional it might steer your day in a better direction.

As I like to read about other people’s morning routines so much, I thought I’d share what I try and do on weekday mornings here for other equally as nosey people…


A morning routine for a healthier, happier day ahead

Avoid looking at your phone

OK, I need to be honest here. What I’m really saying is avoid checking your email, because that will only stress you out. I, personally, have gotten into a habit of checking my Instagram before I even sit up in bed… is this a bad thing? I don’t know. It helps me wake up a bit and inspires me with pretty images, so it doesn’t feel ‘bad’. I guess this one comes down to personal preference.


The next thing I do is drink lots of water. I used to drink hot water and lemon, but the acid from the lemon was making my teeth sensitive, so now I just keep a filtered bottle of water by my bed and drink from this.


I sit up in bed and try to get five minutes of meditation in before rolling out of bed. This depends on how long I’ve snoozed and whether or not I’m going to the gym, but most mornings see me being still for a few minutes to set an intention for the day. I try to think of a word or a phrase I can think back to throughout the day like “calm amongst the chaos”.


On weekday mornings I try to either get to the gym or do some strength training at home. Now it’s getting sunnier I might go out for the odd morning walk instead. There is something quite magical about being up and outside when most people are still sleeping.

Listen to a podcast

While I’m putting my make-up on I’ll listen to a podcast. It’s usually something work/creative related to fire me up for a day at work. I’ll listen while eating breakfast too, feels much nicer than watching TV.

Eat breakfast

I cannot not eat breakfast. Hungry is basically my general state of being, so eating is a non-negotiable! These days I tend to rotate between having:

  • oatibix + granola with blueberries and banana
  • peanut butter on toast (great after the gym)
  • yoghurt + granola with blueberries, banana and honey

Drink some green tea 

As soon as I get into work I make myself a cup of green tea, usually one flavoured with fruit as straight green tea makes me sad inside. I will then promptly move on to coffee for the rest of the day, but at least I have one cup of antioxidant-filled goodness.

So there you go – obviously some mornings I sleep too late and only have time to throw clothes on, stuff my face with toast and head to work, but it sure does feel good when I have a calm, intentional start to the day.

What does your morning routine look like?

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3 thoughts on “A morning routine to set you up for a healthier, happier day

  1. shiwangi agarwal says:

    I loved reading what you’ve written. I myself am an early bird. I love waking early when others are sleeping and enjoying the calmness before the chaos. I also feel that the best way to start the day is by meditating and exercising. I love the way you’ve put the whole experience in words…

    Liked by 1 person

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