Yes, it's OK to love yourself

Yes, it’s OK to love yourself

When I was at school, there were a couple of girls I was friends with. I found out that they were writing notes about me behind my back, commenting on everything from the way I wore my make up to the way I ate (which, for those wondering, is apparently like a squirrel).

While these nasty notes were just another part of school life back then, one comment in there stuck with me. That I ‘loved myself’.

At this point I was on the road to anorexia and I don’t think I could have been any further from loving myself.

What makes me sad now though when I think about it, is that according to them, me loving myself was a problem, a flaw, it made me big headed and vain.

And I’m pretty sure some people feel this way today. That loving yourself is wrong.

Well, I’m calling bullshit.

After years of hating myself, starving myself, cutting myself… I can honestly say right now, I love myself. I love who I’ve become. I love how mentally strong I am today. I love the way I can demolish a plate of food and feel no guilt. I love that I can look in the mirror and think “I look HOT”.

And yes, I do sometimes document when I feel like this. Why not?

I get it, selfie culture is a bit strange and it still feels a little weird posting a picture of your face and waiting to see people’s reactions.

And yes, I know, some people take it too far and can become obsessed – but you know what they’re obsessed with? The reactions. The comments. Whether or not people think they look ‘acceptable’.

This is not why you post selfies when you truly love yourself. You do it because you want to remember this moment. If people want to comment, tap like etc. then that’s just fine too.

Let’s be real though, nobody loves themselves every second of the day. I have times when I get so sick of the sound of my own voice I have to have a stern word with myself. But when you learn to love yourself, you learn to accept your flaws, your barefaced beauty, your quirks and embrace them with open arms.

When this happens, when you love yourself without the make-up, without the filters – and more importantly, when you believe in yourself – incredible things happen.

You attract positivity. You find your voice in the workplace, confident that you know your shit. You meet people who bring light into your life. You discover your purpose. You flourish. You thrive.

So don’t tell me it’s wrong to love yourself, because it’s never felt so god damn right *drops mic and sashays away*

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