8 more podcasts to inspire you

8 more podcasts to inspire you

Since writing my ‘8 podcasts to inspire you‘ post back in January, I have come across loads more inspiring, amazing and generally awesome podcasts. So I thought why not do a follow-up?

There’s quite a mixture here, but I have certainly fallen down the ‘creative / entrepreneur’ rabbit hole. And you know what? It’s fun. Even though I don’t run my own business (yet – ha) I find a lot of the information transferable to this, my ‘hobby’ blog, and of course my day job as a content manager.

Hopefully there’ll be something here that you find interesting too!

Listen to when… you want to get creative

Whether you work in a creative industry, have a creative hobby or just want to explore your creative side a bit, I honestly think both of these podcasts will inspire you.

Hashtag Authentic

My absolute favourite addition to my podcast list is this, Hashtag Authentic. On the surface, it’s a podcast about Instagram. Scratch beneath the surface though and you’ll find advice on creativity, owning your own business, finding your voice and everything in between. If you’re a blogger, instagrammer, own your own business or just want a little creative inspiration, I would highly recommend listening to this.


Again, this is a must for any fellow bloggers as well as online creatives and indie business owners. I always come away from listening to Blogtacular feeling totally revved up and inspired to push myself further with this little online space.

In fact, I was so inspired, I got myself a ticket to the Blogtacular conference! When this blog goes out I will have attended the event yesterday, but as I’m writing this ahead of time to schedule, it isn’t actually for another week or so (ahhh I’ve broken the fourth wall) – let’s just say I’ll blog about the event at the time 😉

Listen to when… you want to get shit done

These two are pretty much podcasts made by millennials, for millennials. Covering working for yourself, working online and generally life as a 20 (or ahem, 30) something.

Ctrl Alt Delete

If you work on the Internet (that’s pretty much everyone now, right?) and want to find out how people make a name for themselves online, then Ctrl Alt Delete is the podcast for you. The host Emma Gannon is just so likeable and the guests are right up my street.

Let’s Discuss

This is the newest addition to my list, and I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but so far I’m enjoying it. All about ‘life, love, wellbeing and work’, Let’s Discuss is hosted by friends (and bloggers) Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice. As I said, I’m still a newbie to this one, but the topics they’ve covered so far (including productivity – yaaaas) are music to my ears.

Listen to when… you want to feel inspired and empowered

Sometimes you just need to step outside of your own reality and listen to inspiring people talk about how they navigate life. Both of these podcasts do this, albeit in very different ways.

From the heart

I’ve been following Rachel Brathen (AKA ‘Yoga Girl’) online for a while now, I love her honesty and her approach to life, so was thrilled when she announced her own podcast! As expected, From the Heart is all kinds of amazing, touching on topics that will open your mind, heart and soul. It speaks to my inner yogi.

At home with

Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner are two bloggers I’ve stuck with and followed for yeeeeeears. They are a similar age to me and have very similar taste to me in a lot of things so, let’s just say I relate (/fangirl). I admit, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect when I heard they were launching a podcast, but was pleasantly surprised when I listened to At Home With. The premise is that they go into the homes of their guests and then interview them while going around the house. So far they’ve interviewed some amazing people and the conversations have been mature, interesting and on topics I care about – win!

Listen to when… you want something a little different

One gives me my fiction fix, the other educates my body, mind and soul. As I said, something a little bit different.

The Bright Sessions

For fiction fans with a penchant for psychology and sci-fi, The Bright Sessions is the one for you. I have to give a shoutout to my friend Hannah who recommended this to me – it’s bloody brilliant. The acting is fantastic and the premise is so unique – I don’t want to spoil it so will shhhh now, so please just go and listen. Kthankxbye.

Every Body

If, like me, you are SICK of diet culture, society’s depiction of ‘beauty’ and feeling guilty about eating, listen to Every Body. I’ve only listened to the first couple of episodes so far, but it is absolutely fascinating. The episode about the religion of thinness (how as a society we treat losing weight like a religion, where it all stems from etc.) was so, so enlightening. Us humans are complicated beings.

And there we have it – a few more podcasts to have a listen to. If you do check them out, let me know what you think. I know there are hundreds of incredible podcasts out there, so please let me know if there’s any you love in the comments so I can check them out too!

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