Monthly mindscape – July

So I looked at my blog statistics recently, as you do, and I noticed my ‘monthly mindscape’ posts get the least views. And to be honest, I totally get it – they’re random fictional pieces and there’s not really much value in it for the reader.

Fellow fiction lovers may enjoy them, and my friends and family certainly say they do… but most ‘people’, ‘readers’, ‘visitors’, ‘whatevers’ are not too fussed. And that’s OK, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I had a fleeting thought to stop doing them, but I quickly remembered that I’m not here for statistics or numbers. I’m here for you – whoever actually wants to read my musings, whoever may actually get something out of reading them.

But let’s face it, I’m also very much here for myself.

I’m here to talk about the subjects I’m passionate about and to massage my own writer-ego. These monthly mindscapes are purely selfish. They’re my little holiday pieces – a chance to throw away the rules and have a bit of creative fun. It’s a little escapism and the only time I get to write creatively, so… I’m going to keep going.

Thank you if you do happen to read and enjoy them, but if you don’t – that’s honestly fine. Skip this bad boy and come back in a few days, I won’t be offended.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show shall we? Here are the symbols the story dice offered up:

I like the look of these.

Monthly mindscape – July

Pouring milk absentmindedly into coffee he thought about her, for the 413th time that day. She liked her coffee black. Pure. Dark. Like the hair that fell around her eyes. Shaking his head he tried to snap himself out of it and gave the coffee to his customer, “that’ll be £3.50 please.”

He shuffled out the back for a cigarette and a moment of peace. It was Saturday, a particularly busy day in the cafe and his headache was getting worse.

Still, he knew Kelly would be coming in soon. Taking a break from her retail job, she would order a black coffee, he would stumble over his words, she would smile politely and go back to work.

The pair had been doing the same dance for nearly a year now, and while he was well-versed in awkward small talk, he wanted more. He wanted to know what she dreamt about. What food she craved after one too many wines. How she looked when she woke up in the morning.

He watched a couple on the end table interact. The way they moved and spoke was almost hypnotic to watch. Their words leapt out of their mouths with ease while their bodies moved in just the right way. His hand touched hers at exactly the right moment while she made the perfect facial expression.

Liam was not so elegant a speaker. His words tried to choke him as they made their escape. His body language was clumsy, jolting at all the wrong times. What he thought and what he said never seemed to match up.

Today however, something changed. When Kelly walked in, she was smiling.

“I’ve just quit my job!” She told him with an excited, if not a little frantic, tone.

His eyes widened – he knew how much she hated her job and could tell she had a fire in her belly that desperately needed quelling.

“We’re going for a walk.” He said, with more intent than anything he’d ever said in his life.

He handed her a cardboard cup of black coffee and walked towards the door without waiting for her to respond.

The two of them walked to the pier, sat on a bench and watched seagulls circle overhead. He listened as she exploded with rage, shook with excitement and finally smiled with giddy euphoria.

“It’s a shame it had to happen like that, but I’ve never felt prouder of myself.” She said, wiping the remains of her tears from her face.

As she took a deep breath in, Liam had a moment of clarity. His thoughts and feelings were steaming from his heart and head… and they were about to meet and combust gloriously behind his teeth, whether he liked it or not.

“You’re incredible.” He blurted. And just like that, the words came thick and fast. He talked about how much he hated his job and that seeing her was the highlight of his week. She said she felt the same. The pair stayed on that bench for two hours.

Their words leapt out of their mouths with ease while their bodies moved in just the right way. His hand touched hers at exactly the right moment while she made the perfect facial expression. 

Finally, their conversation flew as freely and gently as the birds above them.


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6 thoughts on “Monthly mindscape – July

  1. Claire says:

    Sometimes I think too much about statistics and about not writing certain types of posts anymore, but then I have to remind myself that my blog is for me and I should continue to do what I like haha!

    Good on you for keeping it up, I really enjoyed reading this xx

    Claire |

    Liked by 1 person

    • bluejayofhappiness says:

      Exactly – it’s our own little space on the internet where we get to talk about what we’re passionate about and write what we enjoy 🙂

      Thank you for reading, so glad you enjoyed! I loved writing it xx


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