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Blue Jay newsletter launch!

Well, this is an exciting post to write… after a couple of months of idea refinement and sneaky PDF making, I’m super happy to announce that Blue Jay of Happiness is launching a monthly newsletter!

This is mainly because I’ve become a little newsletter obsessed myself – anyone else with me on that one? Bloggers have seriously upped their game on the newsletter front. Some of my favourites are:

Instead of just a round-up of their own blogs, the newsletters I’m receiving are packed full of value, tips and general awesomeness. So I thought… I could have a go at that, right?

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I love the idea of getting to know this little blogging community better and hopefully forming genuine relationships. I had a pen-pal who lived in France when I was younger, and I loved that feeling of getting a new letter every few weeks – and that’s how I want these newsletters to feel.

So, what’s going to be in them?

Blue Jay Monthly Musings

Each month I’ll pick a topic – this could be creativity, confidence, self-care, Instagram, blogging, work, mental health, body positivity, feminism… etc. and I will offer up the following:

  • My own musings on the subject
  • A list of resources on the subject (articles, websites, podcasts, videos)
  • An actionable tip/exercise for you to carry out
  • Exclusive content (oooooh)

I wanted to create something extra special for my welcome email (which everyone will get when they first sign up) so decided to make a 12-page introductory guide to self-acceptance, self-love and confidence.

In it are some tips that helped me go from an anorexic, self-hating girl to a confident, body positive woman.

It isn’t the holy grail of confidence, it won’t make you instantly love yourself or cure eating disorders… but I hope it will give you a loving push in the right direction.  

If you would like to see it and get a taste for what I’ll be offering subscribers, please…

sign on up!

(tip: add bluejayofhappiness@gmail.com to your contacts so it doesn’t fall into spam! Also check your promotions folder, Gmail bloody loves putting newsletters in there)

And if you do, please let me know your thoughts as I send these out – are there any subjects you want to read about? Any areas you’re struggling with that I may be able to offer a lil’ insight on?

I’m excited to hear what you think. Which newsletters do you love?

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