Five good things

Five great things

I’ve been tackling some pretty deep topics lately here, so I wanted to inject a little light with this post. And with that light I want to point you towards some truly great things that are happening.

Our focus can so often be on what’s wrong with the world and what needs fixing that we can miss some of the beautiful things going on right in front of us. I hope that when you read about the following great things it restores a little faith, makes you smile and reminds you that there are good things in the world.

1. Happiful magazine

OK I’m starting off with a shameless plug, because the company I work for started this magazine, and yes – I do regularly contribute. That being said, I do genuinly consider it a great thing. The tagline for Happiful is that it’s “on a mission to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable society” and is full of articles about mental health and wellness.

To me, the magazine is bridging the gap between mainstream media and mental health. It looks and feels ‘mainstream’ to me, but when you see the topics they cover, the people they interview and the messaging, you realise it’s different to anything else out there.

The fact that they are able to deliver this message to the masses in this way is brilliant. It’s just launched in stores too, so you can pick it up in Waitrose or check it out online.


(Oh, and there’s an article on CBT this month by me! OK, plug over.)

2. Atlas of the Future

I actually came across this project through an interview they did in Happiful. Atlas of the Future shines a light on people and projects around the world that are working to create a better world. On their website you can pick a location or a topic and discover incredible projects.

One of my favourite projects on there at the moment is the ‘be my eyes‘ app where you can help visually impaired people through live video streaming through the app. Genius.

3. Notes to strangers

Andy Leek is a street artist who, well – leaves notes around for strangers. Some of my favourite notes:

“Generosity is a kind of kindness.”

“It’s OK to not know what you want to do.”

“The more you share happiness, the more you get.”

He collates them on his notes to strangers Instagram account. I just love the idea of walking down the street when you’re having a shitty day, only to look up and see one of these notes. It sounds simple, but often these small gestures make or break our mood.

4. The Little Book of Lykke

Probably the most enlightening book I’ve read so far this year. It contains so many useful nuggets of wisdom and practical ways to invite more happiness into your life. I was lucky enough to be sent this book a couple of months ago, so feel free to read my full review of The Little Book of Lykke.

5. Cheer up Luv project

This powerful photojournalism project is telling the stories of women who have been sexually harassed on any scale in a public setting. In situations like that, us women are robbed of power. This campaign is giving that power back and giving us a voice. Seeing the admissions from the #metoo has been heartbreaking and eye-opening, and it’s important to remember any time women feel sexually uncomfortable or violated is not OK.

Once, I was standing by the road, waiting for a lift when a car full of teenage boys drove past. They rolled down their window and shouted “whore!” at me. I’ve been touched without consent in clubs. I’ve been leered over in previous jobs. We’ve all got stories and I love the way this project is making art and reclaiming the power – follow their Instagram for more.

Just a few things on my radar lately that make me sigh with relief that the world isn’t all bad and that people are trying to make a difference. What would you add to this list? Any great projects I should know about?

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Five great things

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