Monthly mindscape – November

I’m sure I say this at the beginning of every monthly mindscape post – but wow, that month went quickly! For the penultimate short story of the year I wanted to stick to the method I used last time and choose an image from Instagram as my prompt.

I like the visual approach and feel like Instagram is a storytelling platform, so really, I’m just embellishing. This month I chose this beautiful light-stricken shot from Victoria at @featherandwild.

And again, I’ve taken the title from a hashtag I’m currently loving, #chasinglight

chasine light

Chasing light

When the clocks went back everyone around her groaned. They spoke of shorter days, the darkness and cold weather. She smiled silently. She loves it when the clocks go back.

This time of year showcases light in a totally new way. Around four, five o’clock in the afternoon she puts the kettle on, makes some tea and walks around her house.

Her bare feet tread softly on the carpet as she sips from her cup. She was chasing light. She knows exactly where in her house the golden light pools and makes a bee-line for her favourite spot – the window seat in the front room, next to the shutters. The light slips through in glorious streaks, making patterns and flickers around the room.

She sees particles dancing in the light, “this will do nicely” she says out loud. She walks over to the record player and puts her favourite album on. Picking up a book of poetry and a cushion, she positions herself wherever the rays of light are hitting.

Sprawled on the floor she soaks it all in. The music, the poetry, the tea, but most importantly – the light.

The darker months make light a commodity. Something to hold onto, something to savour. The light is softer, more golden. It brings warmth and hope. It reminds her that life is beautiful.

And when those precious moments of light fade, making room for the night, she picks herself up from the floor and makes her way to the kitchen – this is her prompt to make dinner. The record player continues to spin, with her favourite singer’s voice following her to the kitchen.

She prepares a simple dinner of seafood pasta and red wine. She knows you’re supposed to drink white wine with fish, but her body was craving both the freshness of the sea and the warmth of merlot.

She lights a fire and eats alone, savouring every mouthful.

This type of writing is my favourite I think. The really short pieces where not much really happens… it’s fun to describe a scene and let the reader’s mind fill in the blanks in the storyline.

I think this is why I would struggle to ever write a novel – I love the idea of dipping in and out of people’s lives through writing without worrying too much about a story. Maybe one day I’ll write a collection of scenes, super short stories like this. Who knows.

A big thank you to Victoria for the inspiration, please do give her a follow on Instagram, her feed really is stunning.

Fellow writers – what do you most like to write? In-depth stories or snippets like these?

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Chasing light - a short story

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