When you feel less than worthy

This is an open letter to anyone who happens to come across the blog, who’s feeling less than worthy. And by that I mean those who feel they don’t deserve…

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Support
  • Money
  • Success
  • Help
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • A voice

I know you’re out there. I see you, I hear you – I both was you and am you. I once believed I wasn’t worthy of any of the above. I now see my worth every day, but of course still have moments of ‘nope, I’m not worth that’.

Not feeling worthy can stem from so many different places. Perhaps you were told you weren’t worthy as a child. Maybe someone took your sense of worth away. Maybe it’s your own inner demons feeding you these lies.

And this is what I want you to know – that they are lies. No matter where they came from or continue to come from, they are lies.

They want you to shrink and stay small. They want you to compare yourself to others. These less than worthy beliefs are fictions we believe. They seem so convincing and when people outside of ourselves say the same thing, it validates everything.

Those people though, the ones who tell you you’re not worthy, they are doing this because you frighten them. They see your light, they see your power.

less than worthy

They’re scared of it and so convince you it’s not there. So consumed by their own sense of worthlessness, they want others to feel their pain.

After so many years being fed lies, it’s no wonder we struggle to see the truth. Unpicking fact from fiction in our own thoughts is a difficult task. For some of us, we need the help of a professional to sit with, unpack each thought, look at them, find their origin and consider if they’re accurate.

Some of us can do this through journaling, meditation and other forms of self-awareness. Regardless of the method, the journey to discovering your worth takes WORK.

And that’s a scary prospect for many. It’s far easier to believe the lies and revert to habitual behaviour. Developing new ways of thinking, carving out new neural pathways is the harder option. But it is so much more rewarding.

The freedom you’ll feel when you discover and uncover your own sense of worth is liberating in so many ways. I won’t lie and say you’ll never hear those less than worthy thoughts claw their way back into your mind, but when they do you’ll be so much more aware of them and feel able to tell them to, well… kindly fuck off.

To anyone reading this who feels less than worthy, know that discovering your worth can be hard, it can take time… but it can be done.

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When you feel less than worthy

6 thoughts on “When you feel less than worthy

  1. Joy says:

    beautiful and inspirational!! I am happy to say that I’ve finally discovered my worth, I went through a period of depression and I always thought I was not worthy of anything. Thankfully, my boyfriend helped me overcome this phase and realize that I am actually worthy!

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