Monthly mindscape – spring

It’s time to sprinkle a little creative writing into the blog with another monthly mindscape. These posts are sometimes my favourite ones to write. They give my mind free reign.

I don’t need to think about takeaways, research or structure. I just find a photo on Instagram that makes me flush with excitement and let the words flow.

This month, it was this image by Inna (@ineshka) that stopped me in my tracks. It’s so powerful, words immediately sprung to mind.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.18.21

So, as always, I’m just going to start writing and see what comes out. Let’s go…


She was different. She knew that. She didn’t fit in with others around her. She was a wonky triangle is a sea of perfect circles. Sometimes this bothered her, but lately her feelings towards it were becoming numb.

On this day, in particular, she gave little energy to the people above her, trying desperately to make her fit their mould. She was tired and rigid with frustration.

She took herself outside to feel the first rays of spring sunshine on her skin.

The air was warm and scented with freshly cut grass. The light was bright but soft. The noise of birds chattering was muted enough not to bother her. Most importantly, she was alone.

She walked by the lake and let herself embrace the space. Her fists began to unclench and the tears threatening to release from her eyes seemed to retreat. A gentle breeze kept her hair out of her face as she walked.

Stopping to take in the sight of a heron flying overhead, she felt a pricking sensation on her skin. Tiny black dots began to appear, growing slowly. She watched on, not out of fear, but out of curiosity.

From the dots, petals unfurled. Flowers were growing from her skin and it felt wonderful.

She smiled, reached her arms to the sky and spun around. She may be a wonky triangle, but she is also covered in flowers, love, humour, passion and beauty.

Covering the flowers with the sleeves of her top, she returned to the circles, smiling to herself. She knew now she could keep going. She could display her uneven edges with pride.

As the day went on, she looked closer at those around her and noticed their edges weren’t perfect either. Her colleague looked at her, seeing a petal poking out and smiled. She was finally seeing it.

I wanted this to be a celebration of anyone who doesn’t ‘fit the mould’. Those who struggle in day-to-day life to feel ‘normal’ or part of what’s going on. I long for the day when society’s view of ‘normal’ softens.

And I long for us to celebrate our differences, to embrace them. So, here’s to all the wonky triangles out there. How do you celebrate your differences?

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Short story - Spring

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