Monthly mindscape – spark

So there’s a little pre-scheduling magic taking place today as I’m writing this before my week off *everything*, and in fact when you’re reading this, I should be on my way home from Bristol after a lovely weekend with Dan (Aw, I hope future me enjoyed it).  

I’m sure I’ll write a post delving into how my break was, but for now – it’s Monthly Mindscape time. The blog post where I pick an image from Instagram to tease a short piece of fiction from my fingertips.

This month I’ve gone a bit rogue and picked two images, both by Rabya (@sheflourished_). I’ve been following Rabya for years now and have watched on as she’s spoken up about topics she truly cares about, from the importance of play to diversity, inclusion and representation.

Her words on these subjects hit me in my core and force me to question my own preconceived notions and biases. For that I’m truly grateful and appreciative – and I highly recommend you give her a follow. And I mean – can we just talk about these beautiful images? I can’t wait to see what fictitious scene comes out.


Her voice was hoarse from crying and her body ached with disappointment. She’s poured her soul out for others to see and smothered her flame in the process. Looking at her reflection in the bathroom, she struggles to recognise herself.

Allowing herself to be quiet for a moment, she asks herself what she needs. The word spark comes into view. Like a broken down car, she needed a spark to get back to herself.

Casting her eye over to the empty bathtub beside her, she realised this could be the place to get it. Running the taps and ensuring they ran sufficiently hot, she makes her way downstairs to get supplies.

Her favourite book was pulled from the bookcase, tattered and frayed at the corners. The matches kept in the kitchen were tucked into her pocket.

Returning to the bathroom she pours a concoction of oils and salts into the water, smiling softly as their scent fills the air. Lighting a match, the candle on the windowsill showers the room in a soft glow, like her favourite Instagram filter.

Peeling off her clothes, layer by layer, she begins to feel more at peace. Her phone, her responsibilities, her to-do lists are locked away on the other side of the bathroom door. There is nothing here, but her.

Lowering down into the bath, the warm water greets her like a hug from an old friend. For a moment she closes her eyes and encourages her mind to be still. As she does this, she notices a spark emanating from her chest.

Her flame was re-lit. It was small and unassuming but it was there.

She picks up her book and thumbs through the pages, soaking up every word offered on the page. Her toes find the hot tap and push for more heat. Her fire was growing with every passing minute.

Pulling the plug and towelling off her skin, she took another look at herself in the mirror.

“There you are” she says, smiling.

Rabya’s caption for her flame picture talked about maintaining your flame and to me, that means making space to connect with yourself through self-care. I hope this story has inspired you to take care of your flame too.

What’s your favourite way of taking care of your flame?

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Short story - SPARK

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