Monthly mindscape – solo

And just like that, we’re halfway through 2019. How is your year going? How about those goals or words you set at the start of the year? I always think the summer is quite a nice time to stop and take stock of everything, noticing changes that have taken place, shifts in priorities.

But, I’m not here to talk about the passing of time, but instead to celebrate another month gone by with a monthly mindscape post. A piece of flash fiction inspired by a photo (or photos) from Instagram.

This month I’ve taken inspiration from Kate Forth, a writer whose images and captions never fail to make me swoon. I just love the way she captures a moment on Instagram, here are the two moments I’m borrowing today.

As usual, there’ll be no notes or drafts, just a pile of words for you to sift through. Let’s get to it.


As she sat on the end of the bed, she noticed her feet were throbbing. The straps of her sandals were rubbing the soft skin on her toes, leaving a trail of blistered destruction in their wake. She pulled them off and walked over to the window. Opening it as far as she could, she let the scent of Morocco drift into the apartment.

She had been there a week already and was starting to get used to temporarily living in a stranger’s home. The first day she arrived she explored the place with the same enthusiasm she had for exploring the city. She ran her fingers across the walls, memorising where each light-switch and electrical output was.

She sampled each chair and tweaked the pillows on the bed to get just the right combination. Her clothes hung in the wardrobe next to forgotten garments left by the Airbnb owner. No cupboard was left unopened and no drawer unexamined. She knew her temporary home better than she knew herself that day.

But then again, that was why she was here. To reconnect with who she is and what her passions are. She’d left her wife at home with the promise that the trip would do their relationship some good.

She had felt lost for too long. Lost in the mundane humdrum of everyday.

Taking a trip abroad to find herself was a cliche and she knew it, but frankly she didn’t care. She needed to get away from everything that felt safe and familiar. She needed to feel excited again, something needed to be new.

A week into her trip and her self was slowly unfurling. The more she explored her new surroundings, the more connected she felt. She could see her life back at home with greater clarity. Ideas began to spring from the depths of her mind, it was like she was coming out of hibernation.

As every day passed, she missed her wife more and more. Their relationship was bathed in a new light and everything seemed brighter. Lying on the bed she smiled to herself and exhaled.

Anyone else suddenly have the urge to go on a solo trip? I think traveling can have such an amazing effect on us, regardless of our relationship status. I just love the idea of someone taking time out of their everyday life to reconnect with themselves and the effect this has.

Have you ever done anything like this? I went to Costa Rica for a yoga and photography retreat after a relationship break-up and while it certainly wasn’t perfect, it helped me connect with myself again. Tell me your solo travel stories in the comments.

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Short story - SOLO

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