Seedling EP 8. Wellness, self-care and everyday joy with Tamu Thomas

Today on the podcast we have the very first conversation on Seedling! My aim with these conversations is to shed light on subjects that as a society we *need* to talk about in order to grow. My first conversation is with the lovely Tamu Thomas who is a life coach, podcaster, speaker and writer.

I met Tamu at one of her podcast events and loved listening to her thoughts and knew a conversation with her would be enlightening and of course, it was. We talk about all things wellness, including the problems within the wellness industry, we talk about what self-care means to us, society’s obsession with youth and the importance of everyday joy.

I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the links below.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or listen here.


Seedling podcast episode 8_ wellness, self-care and everyday joy with Tamu Thomas

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