How to find happiness in every day

For my first ‘happiness’ post, I wanted to talk about what happiness means to me and how everyone can find joy in every day.

I used to think happiness was this big ball of magic that was always on the horizon, always out of reach. I thought if I could just do X… or if Y happened… that would be it – I would be happy. It was an elusive creature I never thought I would get my hands on.

After a lot of growing and learning I realised, this simply isn’t the case. Happiness is always there, it’s whether or not you decide to tap into it.

Only you can control your happiness, putting it in someone else’s hands won’t work.

Other people can make you feel happy, sure, but after all is said and done it’s up to you and you alone.

OK, so bombshell dropped – how can you make yourself feel happier? This, is all about attitude. I could write a hundred posts about how to feel happier (and I probably will) but for now, I wanted to talk about finding happiness in every day.


This, to me, is how you feel better day-to-day. Creating ‘happiness’ rituals, savouring the moment and taking the time to recognise pure joy when it slaps you round the face is key.

How to find happiness in every day

  • Stop and smell the coffee. Or tea, or any other morning beverage. Take five minutes out of your morning to stop, breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures. Finding beauty in the mundane is something all positive people do.
  • Embrace connections. Whether you’re conversing with a colleague or snuggling with your cat, be all there and focus on your daily connections. If you’re feeling isolated for some reason, reach out. Get on the phone and tell someone you love that they rock your world.
  • Make plans. Getting excited about a future event gives us a huge amount of pleasure, almost as much pleasure as the event itself. If you’re feeling a little lacking in the happiness department, get something booked in the calendar – even if it’s just a PJ day.
  • Look up. Spending your day with your head down, looking at your phone can make you sad… straight up. Comparing yourself to others, looking at clothes you can’t afford and trying to be witty in 140 characters is enough to get anyone down if you do it too much. Take five minutes every now and then to look up to the sky – I promise you’ll feel better.
  • Do something that brings you joy. Read a magazine. Watch your favourite episode of Gilmore Girls. Indulge in your guilty pleasure.


We can’t feel happy all the time – in fact that wouldn’t be healthy. Emotion is what makes us human, from pure unadulterated happiness to soul crushing sadness (and everything in between).

The trick is to be in tune with yourself and those emotions. To really feel them and to spot the smaller moments of joy and soaking them in. There’s a quote that explains it better:

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

So, today’s homework? Find the good in every day.

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