A Sunday night routine for a productive week

A Sunday night routine for a productive week

Since Christmas I’ve developed a Sunday night routine, without even really consciously thinking about it. What I mean by that is I didn’t sit down and say to myself “Come on Kat, sort your Sunday night routine out”, because – well it’s Sunday. Day of rest and all that. I’d never really given it much thought.

And yet, somehow, I’ve found myself making some pretty good habits that help me feel calm and prepared for the week ahead. Perhaps it’s because one of my aims for 2017 is to be more intentional with my thoughts and actions… and I’m doing that without even realising (ironic, no?).

That and because I bloody love a good list, it soothes me. If you feel the same, you’ll enjoy this.

Time – 1 hour before bed

Schedule your exercise for the week ahead

I have a weekly wall planner where I write what exercise I plan to do on what days, split into mornings and evenings. I also put any social engagements here too so I don’t forget!

Now, scheduling your exercise doesn’t guarantee you’ll do it (de-icing the car at 6:00 AM so you can go to the gym is commitment, let me tell you), but it certainly helps you stay focused.


Schedule your non-work related tasks

I have another weekly planner on my desk… (I told you, I like lists!) here I’ll schedule in non-work tasks to carry out in the evenings/weekends like writing blogs for Blue Jay and reading.  I know reading shouldn’t be something you need to ‘schedule’, but it acts as a reminder and stops me reaching for my phone and getting lost in a Twitter hole.

I’ll then add some of this and anything I need to remember when I’m out and about (like Doctors appointments, or things to pick up at the shops) to my Any-Do app on my phone.

It may sound like a lot of lists – and I’m sure there are more efficient ways of doing this – but I find it helpful to separate my lists like this, and my desk planner is so damn pretty, I couldn’t not use it.

Pick out your clothes for Monday

This is just something I’ve always done. I like my mornings to be calm and not rushed, so I always pick out my outfit the night before. It saves time in the morning and you feel that little bit more prepared to kick butt on Monday I find.

Time 30-mins before bed

Turn down the lights and switch off your devices

This helps to get you in a sleepy state of mind. If you haven’t already, get into your PJs and take off your make-up now too. I basically live in loungewear when I’m in the house and take my make-up off ASAP to eliminate faff when I want to just fall into bed.

To carry out the next four steps, I use my Happiness Planner, which I could dedicate a whole blog post to, to be honest. I love it. It’s definitely had an effect on my happiness levels and general self-awareness. Obviously you don’t need to buy it to do the same, just follow these prompts!

Reflect on the past week

In the planner, there’s space to reflect on the past week with prompts like ‘describe this past week in three words’, ‘what were the highlights?’, ‘what were the lows?’ ‘what did you learn?’, ‘who are you grateful for?’.

Now, you don’t need to buy the planner for this – just taking a moment to reflect is something so many of us can benefit from.


Write your work to-dos for the week

For the upcoming week in the planner, there’s room to write any work to-dos for the week. I love this as I can jot down what’s on my mind about work and leave it there – in the planner.

We can find ourselves spinning on Sundays because our minds are racing ahead to Monday, thinking about what we need to get done.

Write. It. Down.

Anywhere. It may not totally get rid of the spinning thoughts, but it’ll definitely make them easier to slow down.

What are you excited about this week?

Have a think about what’s happening this week that you’re excited about. Obviously some weeks will be more exciting than others, but there’ll always be something. For me that something is almost always seeing Dan (naww).

What ‘happy things’ will you do?

Slightly different than activities you’re excited about, I’ve always interpreted this prompt in the planner to be about little happiness routines you’ll enjoy. For me that’s usually tasty coffee, a glass of red on Fridays and yoga.

For you, this might be doing a shot of tequila and dancing on a table while wearing a sombrero. Who am I to judge?



Listen to a podcast/read

For me, a bit of podcast fiction takes me away from everyday life and soothes any racing thoughts. For my mum, it’s reading a good book. Either way, something that takes you away from yourself for a bit is very calming before bed.

Go to sleep!

By now you should feel relaxed enough to slip into a lovely, deep sleep. But more than being relaxed, you should also feel prepared to take on Monday and any challenges it throws your way..

*whispers* You’ve got this. I believe in you.

What does your Sunday night look like? If you have any recommendations to make my Sunday night routine even better – I’m all ears, let me know in the comments or chat to me over on Instagram. Here’s to a calm Sunday and a happy Monday.

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A Sunday night routine for a productive week

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