Why I stopped wearing foundation

Why I stopped wearing foundation

I’ve talked a lot about body positivity and self-love here, but there’s one subject I haven’t tackled yet – and that’s make-up.

Let me start off by saying I love make-up. The fact that I can throw some products on my face and look like a more polished version of myself is pretty magic. So I have nothing against make-up. However…

After having spot-prone skin when I was younger, I became very reliant on it.

I was one of those girls who would wear make-up to the gym, sleep in it during those first few months of a new relationship and not leave the house without something on my face.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learnt how to take care of my skin and now get significantly fewer blemishes (well, apart from those monster hormonal ones) but I still found myself reaching for the foundation.

I got better in general with my make-up habits and got more confident about having make-up free days. Then, one day, about a month ago, a few things fell into place that helped me make a decision – to stop wearing foundation altogether.


Here’s what prompted me:

  • This video by Zanna Van Dijk. I was nodding at everything she said.
  • A friend saying how good my skin looked (totally unprompted), on a day I had randomly chosen not to wear foundation.
  • Dan commenting on how cute my freckles are, and me realising I usually cover them with foundation.

I’m not saying I don’t wear anything on my skin anymore, I still use concealer, powder and a touch of blusher, but letting more of my natural skin show through – freckles, blemishes and all – has felt liberating. It’s also one less step in my make-up routine (productivity win). Oh, and my skin has never been clearer. 

This post isn’t supposed to make you feel bad if you do love wearing foundation, if it works for you and you’re happy – great! But, if you do feel like you’re relying on it as a crutch and want to wear it less, these tips may help.

Look after your skin

If you want to feel more confident with less make-up, taking better care of your skin is step one. The healthier and happier it is, the better you’ll feel about losing the foundation. Consider your skin type, do some research, get yourself a facial and get some advice.

I always thought as I got spots, I must have oily skin. A few years ago however I realised my skin was in fact combination and that I can get dry skin too. So I changed my skincare routine to reflect that and it’s now much happier.

Go slow

There’s no need to pull an Alicia Keys and go barefaced forever (though props to her, she’s incredible). Take your time. Maybe start by simply using less foundation or sheerer formulas. Then maybe make the switch to tinted moisturiser. Invest in a good concealer. Start having the odd make-up free day, see how you feel.

Realise that NO ONE CARES

I thought the second I stopped wearing foundation people would ask, ‘Are you OK Kat?’ or say I looked tired. And of course, this didn’t happen. No one noticed. No one cared. The only comments I did get were positive ones, people said I looked happy, pretty, ‘glowing’.

I’m not saying I’ll never wear foundation again, for all-day events and special occasions I’m sure I’ll appreciate the extra help, but for the general day-to-day, I’m happy with my more simplified make-up look.

I’m also more comfortable forgoing make-up altogether if I’m feeling lazy. I feel like a weight’s been lifted and it’s pretty wonderful.

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Why I stopped wearing foundation

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