Taking a break

Well, this feels nice. I’ve just had my first bath in mine and Dan’s new flat, am sat in my super fluffy dressing gown and writing a blog for the first time in…. oh.

Just over a week… Is that it? Must admit, feels a lot longer.

In the run up to our move and during the move, there was so much to do I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain the blog schedule I was so proud of. Since I posted my very first blog here on January 1st 2017 I’ve posted * at least * twice a week, every week.

I had content ideas coming out of my ears and so much fire and passion to write that it genuinely never felt like a chore. So when the time came when I realised I would have to take a break, I panicked a little.


I worried my traffic would drop or, worse still, that I would get out of the habit and never get back into it. Of course, neither happened.

The break gave me the headspace I needed to deal with the huge amount of change taking place. It allowed me room to breathe and focus on the move.

The move went well(ish) by the way. There were tears, shouting matches with Estate Agents and high emotions. But we’re settling in more and more every day.

I love our bathroom, our kitchen sink, the yellow cushions we picked out from Ikea. I love the rug that hugs our bedroom floor, the huge windows that bathe us in light, I even love the totally impractical, out-of-reach wooden cupboards in the kitchen.

We’re still figuring out how things work… what to do with the recycling, how the washing machine works, what to make for dinner. Dan and I are learning more about each other every day too and are slowly carving out new routines in this shared space of ours.

And now, even though we haven’t got Internet yet, I’m craving time to write, so here I am.

Posts will still probably be a little sporadic until we get connected to the Internet as I’ll be working on lunch breaks and in cafes to get these uploaded for now, but that’s OK.

Taking a blogging break made me realise how much I love to write for the joy of writing and how much I love this little space on the Internet. It also made me realise that while consistency is important when it comes to blogging to a degree, if you’ve got readers who actually like what you do – they won’t care if you take a break.

Keeping blogging fun, exciting and something you’re itching to do is so important and if that means taking some time away from it, then go for it.

But enough about me – I want to catch up with you! What’s new in your life? Anything you’re taking a break from?

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