Growth spurt

I’m posting an extra blog this week to tell you about an email challenge I’m running in August called Growth spurt. I feel like August can be quite a quiet month, filled with dappled sunlight and al-fresco dining.

It occurred to me that this time of year might be a good one to work on self-belief. The days are deliciously long and give us some space to reflect before we welcome the energy of a new season in September. And this is what I’m hoping Growth spurt will offer.

Growth spurt is a free four week email challenge designed to help you plant, nurture and grow your self-belief.

If you subscribe, you’ll receive an email every Monday in August, each with different prompts, challenges and tips. In these emails we’ll cover every stage of the growth process, from creating space and planting seeds of self-belief to pushing through the dirt, finding support and blooming. 


I’m also offering 4 x free one-off 45-minute coaching calls to support those taking part. You’ll get time to talk with me about any part you’re struggling with and I’ll send a follow-up email with key take-aways and action points. These four calls will be offered at a first come first serve basis.   

If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list BEFORE Monday 5th August, when the first Growth spurt email will be going out.

Joining my mailing list means you’ll also get my Blue Jay Monthly Musings newsletter sent at the end of every month, and my welcome gift (an e-book on self-acceptance). If you’re already on my mailing list, check your inbox as I’ve sent an email explaining how you can get involved.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email at: I’ll be back on Sunday with a blog about cultivating curiosity.

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