How to find motivation for life again

Ooft, this is a bit of a dramatic title isn’t it? But I think all of us can have those moments when motivation for anything is lacking. Maybe work isn’t firing you up like it usually does, or life admin is getting on top of you.

I’ve been there (pretty recently actually) and know how it feels when you want nothing more than to stay in bed and hide under the duvet. When every time your partner asks ‘how was your day?’ you reply, ‘meh’. 

You’re in a funk and aren’t sure how to get out of it. 

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Well, today I want to share some steps that really helped me out of my funk and got me excited to get up and into the world again. I should highlight here that funks and occasional spells of low motivation are totally normal. No one can be positive and enthusiastic about life every day.

However, if your funk is going on for longer than usual, if you’re finding it difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks or if it feels like you can’t get out of it alone – this is a sign to get support. Go to your doctors and tell them what’s going on. You may need some help from a professional to feel like you again. 

If the funk feels pretty typical though and you’re confident you can get out of it with a little guidance, try the following steps.

Identify any causes 

Sometimes our lack of motivation creeps up out of nowhere, but often there’s something deeper going on. For me it was feeling stressed at work and a little overwhelmed with life admin. For you it may be family responsibilities or dissatisfaction in your career. 

Try and figure out where in your life this lack of motivation is showing itself most and ask yourself what needs to change. Maybe you need to talk about changing your role at work, or perhaps you need to ask your partner for more support at home. For me, talking to work colleagues helped, asking Dan for help helped. In my experience talking about it always helps. 

Shake up your routine

When we’re feeling unmotivated we can feel bored, and often a change in routine or environment can give you a renewed burst of energy. I took some time off and went to the seaside for a few days. I didn’t have to worry about cooking, putting the bins out or sticking a wash on. I was surrounded by new sights, sounds and smells – it was perfect.

For you, it may be working from a different environment, taking yourself away for a couple of days or simply giving your routine a shake-up. Maybe you could experiment with a new morning routine or plan a fun day out. Anything that shifts your perspective is ideal and ask yourself if you’re unmotivated or exhausted – if it’s the latter, a proper break may be just what you need.

Enjoy small moments of joy, every day

Every day can’t be beautiful, fun and amazing (…sorry). But, every day can include small moments of joy. You can revel in these moments by being more mindful. Notice the changing colours of the trees as you drive to work, take time over your morning cup of tea.

Being more intentional about finding joy and expressing gratitude may be annoying advice you’ve heard a thousand times before, but hey – it works.  

Notice what makes a good day good

When the fog starts to lift and you end a day smiling, ask yourself – why was today better than other days? What about it felt good to you? Note these down and see how you can incorporate more of these aspects into your life. You may have some realisations that change your future.

Come back to your why

If your low motivation is showing up in your work life, it can help to take a step back from the day-to-day of your job and look at the bigger picture. What is it you want to achieve in your work and life? Is the work you’re doing bringing you closer to that? If not, how can you make changes (big or small) to get you there? Why do you do what you do? What impact do you want to have?

Reminding yourself of your why and perhaps even who you’re trying to connect with can be a huge motivator. 

moments that shape us 1

You all know by now that I don’t believe in toxic positivity or that every day should be full of ‘light, love and healing vibes’ (*gags*) but I do know how rubbish it is when you’re feeling unmotivated and not your usual self. I hope these pointers can help you pull yourself out of that feeling. Let me know how you get on if you give them a go. 

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I’ll be back next week with a podcast about mental wellness and this month’s short story. Until then – take care. 

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How to find your motivation for life again

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