Seedling Ep 7. Mental wellness – how to take care of your mental health

On the podcast this week I’m talking about mental wellness and how we can take a more proactive approach to our mental health. I don’t feel like this subject gets enough air time, for many of us the term ‘mental health’ conjures up images of people at crisis point, but the thing is – we all have mental health, and we can all take steps to help ourselves before we reach that point.

I’m not saying that being proactive will stop a mental health dip from happening, but it might help you navigate dips as they come and help them have less of an impact. Of course this will depend on the individual, but I hope these points are helpful nonetheless.

I do discuss my own mental health journey in this episode (touching briefly on topics like eating disorders, self-harm and anxiety) so if you don’t feel in a good place to hear about that or mental health in general, please feel free to give this episode a miss.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or listen here.


Seedling podcast episode 7 - mental wellness - how to take care of your mental health

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