My eating disorder story

My eating disorder story

An extra Blue Jay post this week because it’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week – something I feel passionately about. The eating disorder charity Beat are focusing on early intervention this year and to support this, the website I work for (Counselling Directory) are running a campaign, Fight the Fear.

We chose this name because that’s what you have to do to seek help – fight your own fears. Fight your fear of gaining weight, of losing control, of losing who you are.

It is terrifying.

You think you’ve ‘got this’. You think you don’t need help, you’ve got it under control. The harsh truth however is that, you don’t have it under control. You are under *its* control. And the only way to get control back and own your feelings, your health, is to get help.

I filmed a video for work of me looking through my old diaries to hopefully give people an insight into how it feels to have an eating disorder and what it took for me to seek help and recover.

I’ve never filmed myself like this before, but I felt strangely comfortable. I think it’s because I was talking about a subject I know so intimately. My hope is that it’ll show people watching that no matter how dark things get, there is light at the end of the tunnel – there is a way out. And it is so worth it.

If you know anyone you think may benefit from seeing the video, please share it and please follow Counselling Directory’s campaign #FightTheFear. Thank you.

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My eating disorder recovery story

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