Self-worth coaching launch

A bit of a different post from me today as today is the day I launch my self-worth coaching services *happy dance*. While I’ve been physically working towards this goal for about a year, emotionally and mentally I’ve been working towards it for much longer.

When I started blogging in 2008, I had no real purpose to guide me. I wanted to practise writing before getting a job in writing, that was it. I fell in love with it though and kept ‘To Limbo and Beyond’ going for 8 years.

When I decided to start a new blog from scratch, I had a purpose.

I wanted to share what I’ve learnt over the years about navigating mental health, being happy and, most importantly being worthy.

I spent so many years believing I wasn’t worthy, that I didn’t deserve good things. I saw how this lack of self worth created a hole inside of me, and watched as mental health problems grew like weeds.


With time, therapy and support I dug up those weeds. And with even more time, work and learning, I filled the gap with self-acceptance, self-belief and self-love.

Since then, everything’s changed. No, I didn’t become some super woman who never experiences mental health problems or doubts herself, but I did create a cushion of self-worth to fall back on. I learnt the importance of self-care and learnt how to put myself first.

Through Blue Jay of Happiness I’ve wanted to help others do the same while sharing other elements that affect our lives, like creativity, career and culture.

As wonderful as this all was, I knew it could only reach so far.

There’s only so much you can take away from a piece of writing aimed at an anonymous reader. For some people, more tailored guidance and support is needed.

And this is where the coaching comes in. Years ago I actually looked into the idea of becoming a counsellor as a way of doing this work, but at the time it would have meant forgoing a career in writing, and I wasn’t ready to take that step.

With coaching, I’m hoping to create a career that revolves around both writing and coaching that also offers me space to look after myself.

So here we are.

I’ve finished my coaching course and am the proud owner of an advanced certificate in life coaching. I’ve worked with practice clients. I’ve developed my offerings and am ready to take clients on.

FXT10072 - Kat Nicholls

Photography | Elle Narbrook 

I’ve put together two offerings; one is for those who need a gentle nudge in the right direction to create a self-care routine that works for them, one is for those looking to go deeper and discover their self-worth.

Find out more on my coaching page.

I’ll be fitting this in around my day job, blog work and self-care work 😉 so will have limited spots available for both – so if it is something you’re interested in, would love for you to get in touch.

And if not? That’s totally fine too. Writing here and creating content will always be at the core of what I do, so if you enjoy my blog – I promise it won’t be going anywhere. Coaching is just an additional service I’m adding to the list for those interested.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s shown me support on this coaching journey – I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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Self-worth coaching launch

4 thoughts on “Self-worth coaching launch

  1. Erika @ Just Letter-Perfect says:

    It’s so awesome and inspiring how you worked hard for a year and now, here you are launching it! I started a proofreading business this year, and boy is it hard to have your own business. But it’s so much fun to be your own boss, too!

    I started my blog as a means of keeping my website updated, but rediscovered my love for writing. Now I spend more time on my mental health and life improvement blog than my actual business, haha. . . .

    Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on your progress and way to go achieving your dreams. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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