Worthy Humans Unite

Recently I launched a new hashtag on Instagram, #worthyhumansunite with the aim of bringing people together to celebrate our worthiness. From this idea however, grew another one.

I decided I wanted to take this community idea and put it somewhere I go to for connection and community these days – Facebook.

So (drumroll please) I’ve created a Facebook group called Worthy Humans Unite!

The aim of this group is to provide a space for us to feel uplifted, to celebrate our achievements and to understand our relationship with self-belief a little better. Basically I want us all to explore what it means to be a worthy human, together.

There’ll be regular posts to help with this, including space every week for you to shout about your achievements – whether that’s getting an early night when you said you would or getting your new business off the ground.

FXT10100 - Kat Nicholls

Photography | Elle Narbrook

I’ll also be showing up live in the group regularly. Sometimes this will be an informal chat, sometimes it’ll be a more structured training.

The topics discussed will largely be lead by those in the group, but you’ll no doubt hear me covering subjects I’m passionate about, like self-care, confidence and self-awareness.

I’ll be honest and say that I was hesitant about starting a Facebook group, because… well, there are already so many amazing groups out there. But hey, you know what? There are also already lots of amazing blogs and coaches out there, but that hasn’t stopped me.

Because, at the end of the day, what makes all of these things unique is me. My perspective, my flavour, my approach.

And we’re all drawn to different people, so there’ll always be enough space.

With this in mind, if you do like my perspective/flavour/approach, I would love for you to join the group.

All you need to do is answer a couple of questions (this will help me come up with content tailored for you!) and then watch the welcome video to learn a little more about the group and what hopes I have for it.  

I can’t wait to explore this realm and get to know you better. Looking forward to chatting there.

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New Facebook group - Worthy Humans Unite

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