Seedling Ep 2. Understanding self-worth and its impact

This week’s episode is a deep dive into self-worth. Obviously as a self-worth coach, I have a lot of thoughts on this topic! I’ve also experienced first hand the incredible impact being aware of your worthiness can have on your wellbeing.

I start with an explanation of what self-worth actually is, how it impacts us when we lack it and how it impact us when we have a strong sense of it. I go into detail about how it’s formed (spoiler, it all goes back to your childhood) and all the different factors that go into self-worth.

I end with some really practical steps you can take right now to start building your self-worth and tap into it more. I hope it’s helpful.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or listen here.


Seedling podcast episode 2 - understanding self-worth and its impact

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